Is Drive One legal in Germany?

Is Drive One legal in Germany?

The legality of devices that can warn about speed controls varies from country to country. Drive One is legal to buy, use and carry in Germany, but there are a few notes regarding speed control warnings that you need to be aware of. We will do our very best to outline how to use Drive One in Germany below.


What German Law says about speed camera warnings

First off, it is legal to be warned about dangers in traffic, which is a big part of Drive One's functionality. Regarding speed camera warnings, there are a few things to note.

Let us take a look at the law itself, Section 23 of the German Road Traffic Act:

Anyone driving a vehicle must not operate or carry operational technical equipment intended to display or interfere with traffic surveillance measures. This applies in particular to devices for jamming or displaying speed measurements (radar warning or laser jamming devices). The corresponding device functions may not be used for other technical devices that, in addition to other purposes, can also be used to display or interrupt traffic monitoring measures.

In other words, if a device is purely built to warn against speed cameras, you are not allowed to use or have it in your car. If the speed camera warnings are one of many features (as with Drive One), the speed camera warnings must be disabled when you drive and use the device, as they are illegal for the driver to use while driving.


Settings for alerts


Is Drive One legal to use in Germany?

Drive One is a Smart Traffic Alarm that alerts you about everything from queues to accidents, road work, and speed cameras. Speed camera warnings are one of many functions that we offer, and any warning that you do not want to receive can be disabled and enabled with our app to suit your needs.

It is always allowed for the driver to check for speed cameras with Drive One before driving. Here, the map inside our app is very convenient.

Drive One is about much more than speed cameras

As a closing comment, we would like to add that Drive One is designed to make driving safer and worry-free for everyone. With our warnings, you will be notified of hazards ahead and know when to show greater awareness in traffic.

Crucially, our users also help each other by reporting events with their devices. We believe this creates a community of drivers that are more concerned for our fellow safety on the road.

Drive One also warns about dangers on the road

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