About us

We’re the car owner’s best friend. We’re a Danish company, and we specialize in saving drivers from tickets. In addition to Drive One, we’ve created ParkOne, which includes both electronic parking discs and a popular Danish parking app. We also own the Trafik Alarm app, which alerts users to speed checks and incidents.

Car accessories run in our blood. Drive One is the latest addition to a range of products and services that help drivers.

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ParkOne - Solar

Powered by clean solar energy with easily visible interior and exterior display.

Park Life

Easy to use with a clear display and long battery life.

ParkOne - Exclusive

Wafer-thin, elegant design and effective functions. Electronic and fully automatic

  • ParkOne P-disc

    Our electronic parking disc is widely known and loved. In fact, we’ve sold more than three million P-discs, and we’re currently the world's leading developer and manufacturer of electronic P-discs.

  • ParkOne Parking app

    In 2018, we launched our parking app, which has made it easier, cheaper, and safer to park. With low prices, extensive coverage, and good, technical solutions, we have secured a large part of the Danish market for parking apps.

  • Trafik Alarm

    Our warning app offers navigation, warnings about speed controls and traffic accidents, and an overview of traffic conditions right then and there. With accurate data and good features, we have built up a large network of daily users who help each other safely through traffic.