New app design!

New app design!

If you currently use Drive One, you may have noticed that your app recently got an exciting new look!

That’s because we’ve rolled out a monumental update to the app, which includes a comprehensive redesign from A to Z. Here’s an overview of what the update includes:

Updated Visual Identity Throughout the App

With this update, we’ve introduced a refreshed visual identity to the Drive One app. The familiar subtle white and black theme now features splashes of bold blue, accentuating elements such as warnings, buttons, and more. The new design incorporates rounded corners and a fresh, modern appearance.

This new look and feel was already introduced on our website, but now it is fully implemented throughout the app as well.

More Exciting and Faster Setup for New Users

Along with the new design comes a revamped setup process for new users. The updated setup flow is designed to be more informative and logical while also being shorter.

The new setup flow integrates the updated visual identity and can be viewed in our manual here.

Day-to-Day Improvements

The new design also includes clearer information on the map page with a status bar indicating your connection status. If you are connected, the bar will disappear after ten seconds to keep your screen uncluttered.

Settings have also been improved. For instance, you can now easily see which warnings are enabled or disabled with clear green “ON” or red “OFF” indicators for each warning type. A secondary warning, if enabled, will also be indicated with the number “2”.

The connection indicator is now found under “Devices” and no longer has its own menu entry. We’ve also simplified the labels in the settings menu for ease of use (e.g., “Sound” instead of “Sound settings”).

In the Sound Settings, you will notice more color, and it is now easier to completely disable sound from the phone.

A Bunch of “Under the Hood” Changes, Including Better Connectivity

Some updates might be less visible to the everyday user, such as improved connectivity and app stability.

We’ve also made changes to facilitate easier updates for the app in the future.

“News” Section, and More Exciting Things on the Way

Finally, we’ve added a “News” section to the app settings. Currently, it showcases highlights from the new app design. In the future, this section will feature both interesting articles and the latest news within the app.

This is one of the biggest updates we’ve made to Drive One since its launch. However, we plan on many other exciting features for the app, so stay tuned for further updates!

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